Apple court filing accuses Epic of being a stalking horse for Microsoft
Apple court filing accuses Epic of being a stalking horse for Microsoft

On the eve of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s testimony in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple, allegations Apple made against Epic and Microsoft on Wednesday, keep everyone talking about it after the trial. In a filing that Apple put to the judge on Wednesday, the company asked the court to make a negative credibility finding against Xbox executive Lori Wright. Wright had testified on Epic’s behalf, and such a decision would allow the judge to ignore Wright’s testimony, which was on Epic’s behalf.

Apple accuses Epic of stalking Microsoft

Remember, this is a bench attempt which means there will be no jury and the final decision will be made by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. The filing on Wednesday marked the second time Apple filed a negative credibility assessment against Wright. This time, however, Apple stated, “A reasonable observer might wonder whether Epic is serving as a stalking horse for Microsoft. Microsoft protected itself from significant discoveries in this lawsuit by failing to do so.” Act as a party or send a company representative to testify. “

In other words, Apple argues that Epic is doing Microsoft’s dirty work for it, despite the fact that it is about Apple’s removal of Epic’s popular Fortnite game from the App Store after Epic failed to abide by Apple’s App Store rules. The rules require developers to only use the Apple platform to make in-app payments, which can save Apple 30% on sales.

Epic offered its customers who wanted to buy game currency in the app for Fortnite the use of its own platform, which enabled players to pay a lower price for the currency than they would have paid in the App Store. Apple responded by ditching the game from its iOS app storefront. An Apple manager said that last week The company has made no less than $ 100 million in the 30 months that Fortnite was available on the App Store.

Despite the fact that Epic is the plaintiff, Apple points out that of the ten witnesses presented by the game developer, five have been linked to Microsoft. Apple also said that “Microsoft is using Epic as a proxy plaintiff in litigation that it does not want to pursue on its own behalf.” Epic is trying to show that Apple’s 30% reduction in in-app purchases is anti-competitive.

In a statement released Thursday, Microsoft said: “Apple is trying to deflect legitimate concerns from many companies in the industry about its App Store policies and practices, including a refusal to allow games to be streamed on the Apple App Store. Epic speaks and acts Microsoft and many other companies have raised concerns through our own voices, including directly to Apple. “

The final clashes between the two sides could take place on Monday

In addition to Epic (and possibly Microsoft), other companies that have publicly questioned the competitiveness of the so-called Apple 30% tax include music streamer Spotify and video streaming service Netflix. While Google also makes similar in-app purchases on the Google Play Store, the fact that Android users can download apps from third-party app stores from the site makes it more competitive than the closed app store.

Microsoft says the testimony presented by Xbox’s Wright was involuntary, thoughtful, and direct. The software giant added, “It is clear that Apple does not like Ms. Wright’s testimony. It is also clear that Apple has no basis for questioning the substance of her testimony.”

Epic weighed Wright’s testimony and Apple’s request for a negative credibility test, saying Apple was “not surprised” by the process, calling Wright’s testimony “predictable”. In the meantime, we could reach the end of the process with final arguments for both companies, which are expected to take place next Monday. It is not known how long it will take the judge to make her decision.


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