android 12 hero page pocketnow
android 12 hero page pocketnow

Compared to its iOS counterpart, Android is considered a “mature” operating system. Even the most mature, however, have room to grow and improve. And it looks like Google is enabling a new trick to free up space on your smartphone. Rumor has it that there is a new App Hibernation feature that will free up space by deleting temporary files from apps that are not in use. However, the feature did not appear in either of the two publicly available developer previews.

According to the people at XDA developer The app hibernation feature is in a leaked build that they received. It will free up space on your phone by deleting temporary files from unused apps. In particular, an APK teardown can predict upcoming features but does not confirm their existence. These functions are currently not implemented in the live build and can be accessed by the developers at any time in a future build.

With the release of Android 11 Developer Preview 3, Google introduced auto-revocation permission, which revokes the permission of an app if the app has not been used for a few months. The app hibernation should build on this function. The company appears to be expanding the concept of “unused apps” with the new feature. Not only will it revoke permissions for apps that are not in use, it will also delete temporary files to free up space.

The release says that a new Unused Apps section has been enabled on the App Info page for each application, and that there is a new “Remove Permissions and Free Up Space” switch. After some apps went to sleep, the Unused Apps page appeared in Settings> Apps. This page shows apps that haven’t been opened in a few months. The description says to revoke permissions, stop notifications, and remove temporary files if an app has not been used for a few months.

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