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New messages from the droid zone
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Android Studio 4.2
We are happy to announce that Android Studio 4.2 is now available for download in the stable release channel.

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Kotlin 1.5.0 – the first major release of 2021
This version offers robust language features such as JVM records, sealed interfaces and inline classes, as well as the new standard JVM IR compiler.

Handle is stable! Easier dependency injection on Android
Hilt, the DI (Dependency Injection) solution recommended by Jetpack for Android apps, is already stable!

Jetpack Compose: An Easy Way to RecyclerView (Part I)

If you are new to Jetpack Compose and are watching all the cool UI screens and animations online like me, you are probably a little overwhelmed, but also curious about how things work when composing.

kotlinx.serialization 1.2 Released: High-speed JSON processing, value class support, revised documents, and more
kotlinx.serialization 1.2 is here! The latest version of our multiplatform serialization library brings a number of improvements.
Libraries and useful resources
JakeWharton / mosaic
An experimental tool for building the console UI in Kotlin using the Jetpack Compose compiler / runtime – JakeWharton / mosaic
Videos / podcasts
Safe development lifecycle with Glenn Leifheit
In this episode, Donn speaks with Glenn Leifheit at Microsoft about a concept known as the “Secure Development Lifecycle”. Glenn is a Senior Security Program Manager at Microsoft.
Class of the week
The battery class is a representation of a single battery in a device.
Beyond Android

Technology preview: Jetpack Compose for Web
First came the desktop, now comes the World Wide Web: Jetpack Compose expands the browser! Today we are releasing the first Jetpack Compose for Web Technology Preview.

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