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From adorable doggos to creative countdowns to stormy weather apps, the 2000 submissions to the #AndroidDevChallenge knocked our socks off. We’re really amazed at the creativity and beauty of the apps you’ve made with Jetpack Compose, Android’s new UI toolkit. Now that we’ve assessed the final challenge, let’s wrap up this incredible journey one more time and find out who the winners are!

Week 1 – Puppy Adoption App 🐶

The week we said “Aww” every time we check our social media schedules. With this challenge, you took your first steps with Compose and learned how to work with lists.

We have already sent the prizes to the first 500 successful entries: a limited trophy for our Jetpack Compose superhero made of LEGO bricks.

Jetpack Compose price

First week prize: Jetpack Compose Superhero

Week 2 – Countdown Timer ⏲️

When the time came to implement a countdown timer, you didn’t disappoint! This challenge showed us that you have mastered the status and animation in Compose.

The first 500 successful submissions have already received this week’s prize: a Compose poster package.

Jetpack Compose price

Second week prize: a Jetpack Compose poster pack

Week 3 – Speed ​​Lap 🏎

We couldn’t believe how fast you were! This week you had to implement a design we provided (the designs are still available if you want to try them out in your own time). We opened the challenge in 3 different time zones, each of which has its own design. Here are the winning projects and the time it took to implement each one:

It was amazing to see how quickly the winners worked with themes and layouts in Compose. You will receive a Pixel 5 each!

Week # 4 – Weather App 🌤

Come rain or shine, Android developers don’t disappoint! It rained this week … write weather apps. We rated them according to 4 categories: code quality, novelty of the idea, visual beauty and overall execution. Since you made our job quite difficult, some of our Google Developer Experts helped us decide on the winning projects:

Code quality: Paulo Pereira – JetWeatherfy

Novelty of the idea: Roman Levinzon – Colony X Weather

Visual beauty: Chris Horner – weather scene

Overall execution: Corentin Bect – flux

The winners each received a Google Pixel 5!

It was amazing to see what thousands of you have built in this Jetpack Compose #AndroidDevChallenge. We hope the challenge has given you a fun way to learn Jetpack Compose and prepare to apply it to your apps. If you’re new to composing or want to dig deeper, check out our documents, codelabs, and examples:

Have fun composing!


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