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Written by Jolanda Verhoef, Developer Relations Engineer

On your marks … get set … wait a minute! Save the date for the third week of the #AndroidDevChallenge! On March 13th, compete with other developers in your time zone; Gain the fastest composing skills! We loved all of the first and second week creative submissions, but now we’re looking for speed. Here is your challenge:

Week 3 – Speed ​​Lap 🏎

Android 12 logo

Be the fastest to implement a number of the designs we provide. The drafts will be posted here when the challenge begins. Submit your entry * as soon as you have finished implementing the designs.

We will be releasing different designs on the 13th at 3 different times:

We will update this blog post with the link to the designs at the beginning of each round.

Your user interface must be fully integrated with Compose and must strictly adhere to all guidelines outlined in the drafts. For more information on implementation, see the Compose documentation on Topics, Layouts, and Navigation. For hands-on learning, try the Compose Path. Codelabs cover various topics that are helpful in addressing this challenge.

Your solution must be implemented in a GitHub repository. Make a copy of this Github repository template and follow the instructions in the README file. The template contains a basic Hello World! in Compose and a continuous integration setup.

This week’s prize: a Google Pixel 5!

Android 12 logo

For this week’s challenge, we’re giving away a Google Pixel 5, the ultimate 5G Google phone. In fact, we’re going to be giving away three Google Pixel 5 phones: one to each developer who is the fastest to submit a successfully implemented design for each of the three rounds of challenges. *

Help make Jetpack Compose better

The community is at the heart of Jetpack Compose and your feedback helps us build a better product:

  • File Problems with Jetpack Compose on the Official Issue Tracker.
  • Sign up to participate in the Jetpack Compose research studies.

* Please check the link for the full official rules associated with the listing. ↩

* If you don’t live in a country where the Pixel 5 is available, if you win, we’ll send you a $ 699 electronics gift card instead.


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