Posted by Eric Bahna, Product Manager

In January we activated the Google Play Store to accept open test submissions from navigation, parking and charging apps. It’s great to see how many of you are developing Android Auto apps and sending us feedback through the issue tracker. Thank you for helping us improve the platform so we can have better in-car experiences together! The drivers have also sent positive feedback when new apps like Chargemap were launched to open tests.

Chargemap in Android Auto

Today we reached the next milestone: The Android for Cars App Library is available in Jetpack as 1.0.0-beta01! By switching to Jetpack the library becomes open source, you get more insight into our function development and the API consistency with other Jetpack libraries. We have updated the Developer Guide and Design Guidelines accordingly Test your app with Android Auto 6.1 or higher. You can then publish your app to open tests in the Google Play Store. includes all functions of the closed source library ( and even more! For example, we added a new GridTemplate which is useful when users rely primarily on images in their selections.

Examples of the new GridTemplate in

On September 1, 2021, the closed source Android for Cars App Library ( is no longer available and the Google Play Store will not accept posts that are in use Our development focus, including new functions, is now on We encourage you to migrate now, and we’ve created a migration guide to make this easier. In our experience with early access partners, migration usually takes less than a day.

We are working hard to stabilize it and prepare the Google Play Store for production posts. Production documents are required and you can get your app ready by using it in open tests today.


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