NextPit Android apps scaled
NextPit Android apps scaled

Another week has passed and here is a brand new list of apps and games for Android and iOS platforms that will be available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for a limited time only. Stop wasting time and save money while you’re at it by downloading these recommended apps to your smartphone.

Our team updates this list every week. So if you read this article the day after it was published, the status of some apps in their respective app stores may no longer be free. At the time of publication, all of the apps listed here were available for free for Android and iOS platforms. If you know any apps that are currently free and worth mentioning, let me know in the comments.

Here’s a tip: If you find an app you’re interested in in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game just yet, please install the app anyway before uninstalling it from your device. This ensures that it is already part of your library, which you can install for free in the future if necessary.

Temporarily free Android apps in the Google Play Store

Free Android Productivity Apps on the Google Play Store for a limited time only

  • 90x Video Player Pro ($ 3.99) – View video files in all popular formats on your device’s internal memory or memory card
  • 3D node ($ 5.99) – Learn how to create (and undo) over 150 different node types with three-dimensional instructions
  • Manual camera ($ 4.99) – Use manual controls for exposure, speed, ISO, white balance, focus and save files in RAW format through your smartphone camera
  • Space Wallpaper 4K Pro ($ 1.49) – Check out other wonders of the planets like the sun and moon in the background of your smartphone
  • Home Workout Gym Pro ($ 1.49) – (Including in-app purchases) – Continue your exercise routine without leaving your home. There are several programs that eliminate the need for devices to stay healthy

Temporarily free Android games

  • Magnetic balls 2: physics puzzle ($ 0.99) – Clear the playing field in this traditional game where you have to adjust colors and remove balls from the screen
  • Super Oscar Premium ($ 0.99) – Help great Mario Oscar in this platform game that has numerous stages and uses skills to overcome enemies and obstacles
  • The curse of Zigoris ($ 2.49) – Conquer over 20 different levels full of enemies and hidden treasures in this remodeled PC game
  • Color Link Deluxe VIP ($ 1.99) (Including Ads and In-App Purchases) – Collect colored dots without crossing lines in this puzzle that starts off easy but gets harder and harder
  • Dungeon Shooter: The Forgotten Temple ($ 1.49) (Including ads and in-app purchases) – First person shooter with RPG elements set in dungeons full of monsters and secrets
  • Hero legend ($ 0.99) (including ads and in-app purchases) – Save the world (again) with the help of heroes and their special abilities against the computer AI or other players
  • Pocket World VIP: Island of Adventure ($ 1.99) (including ads and in-app purchases) – Create your character and survive in this highly stylized world that bears similarities to Minecraft
  • Shadow of death ($ 0.99)(Including ads and in-app purchase offers – choose your hero and face monsters in a world that is differentiated by light and shadow (and special effects).)
  • Triple Fantasy Premium ($ 4.99) (Including Ads and In-App Purchases) – Collect cards to face monsters and save the kingdom
  • Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta ($ 0.99) (Including Ads and In-App Purchases) – Control historical gods and heroes and relive the legend of the Trojan War (with some creative freedom).

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Free productivity apps for iOS for a limited time only in the Apple App Store

  • All smart remote controls TV ($ 2.99) – Control different TV models on your smartphone or tablet. Contains shortcuts to apps like Netflix and YouTube
  • Kintsugi ($ 19.90) – Combat stress and anxiety by keeping an eye on your daily life to get to know yourself better
  • 3D node ($ 5.99) – Learn to tie (and undo) over 150 different types of knots with instructions in three dimensions
  • Big Clock – time widgets ($ 0.99) – – (offers in-app purchases) – Turn your iPhone into an alarm clock with different theme options and even widget support in iOS 14
  • Deep sleep, insomnia help ($ 0.99) – (Offers in-app purchases) – Listen to audio recordings that relax your mind and body and combat the effects of insomnia
  • File calendar ($ 1.99) – (In-App Purchases) – Integrate your appointment management system and files into a single app with options for attachments and different views
  • Mideo: Record video with music ($ 2.99) – – (offers in-app purchases) – Record videos while listening to music without interrupting audio playback from another app or streaming service
  • Qoin – expenses and income ($ 10.99) – (Allows in-app purchases) – Keep an eye on your daily expenses and stay on budget using widgets on your iPhone screen
  • Ski tracker & snow forecast ($ 0.99) – (Offers in-app purchases) – With the northern hemisphere coming out of winter, it is now the southern hemisphere to feel the chills. Check the weather forecast and record your runs
  • Thunderspace Rain Sleep Sounds ($ 2.99) – (Offers in-app purchases) – Use high definition footage to calm yourself down and have a three-dimensional audio system for extra immersion
  • Vector logo designer ($ 4.99) – (Offers in-app purchases) – Create logos from a library of shapes and editing tools and export them to various file formats

Currently free iOS games

  • Balance stuff ($ 1.99) – Balance a wide variety of objects without worrying about shape, color or style. Just make sure nothing falls through the hundreds of challenging stages
  • Space War GS ($ 1.99) – Experience the nostalgia of classics like Galaga, Raiden and other shoot ’em’ ups on your smartphone display. Even works on the Apple Watch!
  • The most amazing sheep game ($ 0.99) – With a (probably) exaggerated name, control a sheep in this platform and rhythm mix of a game
  • Block against block ($ 2.99) – (Offers in-app purchases) – A game similar to Tetris in which you stack falling blocks and remove them as a line (or lines).
  • Shadow of death ($ 2.99) – (Offers in-app purchases) – Choose your hero and face monsters in a world that differs in light and shadow (and special effects).)

Well, these apps made this week’s list! Remember, all of these apps are free for a limited time only. Therefore, at the time of reading this article, it is possible that some of these suggestions may no longer be free after its publication.

In any case, our team publishes a new version of this article every week, Tuesdays and Fridays. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free or do you have recommendations that you can tell us? Drop us a message or leave a comment below.

What other temporarily free apps would you recommend? NextPit Community?


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