NextPit Android apps scaled
NextPit Android apps scaled

Another week has passed and here is a brand new list of apps and games for Android and iOS platforms that will be available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for a limited time only. Stop wasting time and save money while you’re at it by downloading these recommended apps to your smartphone.

Our team updates this list every week. So if you read this article the day after it was published, the status of some apps in their respective app stores may no longer be free. At the time of publication, all of the apps listed here were available for free for Android and iOS platforms. If you know any apps that are currently free and worth mentioning, let me know in the comments.

Here’s a tip: If you find an app you’re interested in in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game just yet, please install the app anyway before uninstalling it from your device. This ensures that it is already part of your library, which you can install for free in the future if necessary.

Temporarily free Android apps in the Google Play Store

Free Android Productivity Apps on the Google Play Store for a limited time only

  • BabyBook ($ 2.99) – Track your baby’s development with sleep logs, breastfeeding, diaper changes and other events.
  • Nav Aid Pro ($ 10.99) – Learn how to use different navigation tools such as ADF, HSI, RMI and VOR and test your learning with a quiz.
  • ProCam X. ($ 4.99) (expires on Friday [28]) – Dissatisfied with the native camera app? Try an alternative that has more manual controls and advanced video capture modes.
  • Simple clock widget ($ 9.99) (contains ads) – Customize your phone’s clock widget with different font options and display styles.

Android games are temporarily free in the Play Store

  • Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse ($ 0.99) – Help scientists find a cure for yet another zombie apocalypse as they face hordes of the undead;
  • Monkey GO Happy ($ 0.99) – Solve puzzles reminiscent of the golden age of Flash games on PC in this game for children with 75 levels.
  • The House ($ 0.99) – Don’t bother to increase the screen brightness, survive a haunted house while trying to escape a monster.
  • Save the wizard ($ 3.99) (offers in-app purchases) (expires on Saturday [29]) – Save the sorceress in this classic, mystery-filled, Myst-style adventure.
  • DungeonCorp Platinum ($ 1.99) (including ads and offers for in-app purchases) (expires on Saturday [29]) – Tired of working from home? Relive the challenges of corporate life in this automatic collecting game.
  • King of Defense Premium ($ 0.99) (Including ads and in-app purchase offers) – Combine units to bolster your army in another tower defense-style title.

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Free productivity apps for iOS for a limited time only in the Apple App Store

  • Filtatron ($ 4.99) – Audio filters and effects for an iPhone or iPad compatible with the audio / microphone input of the device.
  • TalkJot ($ 1.99) – Take notes on your phone or tablet in seconds by simply using your voice.
  • World travel plug ($ 0.99) – Ready to pack your bags? Don’t forget to confirm that the country you are traveling to requires a plug and power adapter.
  • Animoog ($ 19.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Moog audio synthesizer also available in an iPad version.
  • Cookbook ($ 4.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Organize your recipes or use the scanner function to import them from websites, files or even printed versions.
  • Minimoog Model D synthesizer ($ 14.99) (In-App Purchase) – Moog Music’s virtual synthesizer that plays the compact Model D.
  • Modular synthesizer model 15 ($ 29.99) (In-App Purchases Available) – Another Moog virtual synthesizer, this time playing the Model 15 modular.
  • Sheiko ($ 12.99) (In-App Purchase) – Create and track various training programs with one tool that allows you to analyze your performance and export it to the Apple Health app.

Currently free iOS games

  • 2 players 1 device ($ 0.99) – Challenge another person in 8 easy two-player games on a single iPhone.
  • Color twin ($ 0.99) – Match circles of the same colors in a simple but challenging puzzle.
  • Middle Ages Crisis ($ 1.99) – RPG with the classic 16-bit look, but with characters and stories a little different from the classics from SquareSoft and Enix.
  • Fill me up ($ 1.99) – Complete dozens of challenges by simply fitting the different pieces into the given space.
  • Match attack ($ 2.99) – Match the pieces together before they reach the top of the screen in this puzzle inspired by several classics of the category.
  • Space station: running ($ 2.99) – Get out of a destroyed space station in a hurry and collect food while avoiding rubble and other traps.
  • Break out the brick out ($ 2.99) (offers in-app purchases) – Destroy the blocks on the screen in another Breakout and Arkanoid clone.
  • Save the wizard ($ 0.99) (Offers in-app purchases) – Save the sorceress in this classic adventure filled with puzzles in the style of classic Myst.

Well, these apps made this week’s list! Remember, all of these apps are free for a limited time only. Therefore, at the time of reading this article, it is possible that some of these suggestions may no longer be free after its publication.

In any case, our team publishes a new version of this article every week. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free or do you have recommendations that you can tell us? Drop us a message or leave a comment below.

What other temporarily free apps would you recommend? NextPit Community?


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