Android 12: Smartphones are expected to receive the official update in 2021


Every year Google releases a new version of Android. Android 12 is widely expected to be released this year and the upcoming OS version is very exciting. Another question that arises in many of our thoughts is: which smartphone will get the latest update? This article lists the potential candidates based on their respective manufacturers.

To update: LG has confirmed the list of smartphones that will receive Android 12. Additional Information.

Google’s Android 12 has also been nicknamed “Snow Cone,” with the developer preview already available so smartphone makers can take a quick look at what is going to happen. The entire rollout formula remains unchanged.

Expect the Developer Preview to be updated several times over the coming months. A public beta version will follow before the final stable build of the operating system is officially announced in the fall. As usual, Android 12 will be displayed first on Google’s Pixel smartphones. From there, it’s a wait game to see how quickly the other smartphone makers can work on custom versions that run on their own devices.

The wait affects not only smartphones that are supposed to receive the latest Android version, but also whether certain models will even be operational. To make it easier for you to navigate a bloated list, we will keep this article updated with the latest information. To help you find your way through this product and update the jungle, we keep this post updated with the latest details from various manufacturers.

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Google will of course play a pioneering role again: As soon as a stable build of Android 12 is completed, the software will also be available for its own range of Pixel smartphones – as long as they are new or newer models. Expect the following models to get the Android 12 update.


Samsung appears to have improved its game in terms of software and security updates. While the South Korean conglomerate isn’t the fastest company to roll out new Android iterations on its smartphones, they recently announced that they will be offering software updates for many of their most recent smartphones for up to four years. This leads to a number of devices getting Android 12 when available:

NextPit Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra screen

Samsung offers new software updates for its smartphones for up to four years – the Galaxy S21 Ultra is obviously one of them / © NextPit


The Chinese manufacturer is certainly not shy when it comes to flooding the market with a variety of smartphones suitable for each individual level. Many devices also hope for an update. Xiaomi usually ships two major Android updates for its models so the following devices can get Android 12 in due course:


NextPit Oppo Reno 4 screen

The Reno 4 is one of the models that can hopefully look forward to Android 12 / © NextPit

Two major Android updates are the industry standard, and OPPO, a company currently making a name for itself in Europe, is no exception. The Chinese manufacturer also has a fair share of Android 12-enabled devices in use, including the upcoming Find X3 series, which will be presented shortly.

  • Reno 4 Pro
  • Reno 4
  • Reno 4 Z.
  • Reno 4 Lite
  • Finx X3
  • Find X3 Pro
  • Find X2
  • Find X2 Pro
  • Find X2 Neo
  • Find X2 Lite
  • A73 5G
  • A91
  • A52


Vivo has been present in numerous markets in Asia for some time, but is still a relative newcomer to the European scene. The models marketed in this region are still very new, so all of them should also receive Android 12 as part of Vivo’s 2-year update policy.


What can we say about Huawei We’re including this Chinese manufacturer for the sake of completeness, but I probably don’t have to tell you the likelihood of their devices ever getting another Android update. Rather, we suspect that their newer models would most likely be based on their own Harmony operating system.


Huawei looks pretty much the same with Honor, considering that it is an offshoot of Huawei. Although they are now a sole proprietorship and look forward to producing 100 million smartphones in 2021. The honor is still finding its way, especially if they are part of the Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology consortium of losing their Huawei connection. New models like the global Honor View 40 are supported by Android and support Google services. However, it remains to be seen what support older smartphones will receive.

Honor View 40


In the early years of the company, we were used to OnePlus’ exemplary update policy and the rapid implementation of the latest Android versions. However, the introduction of additional series seemed to have slowed OnePlus down, as budget-oriented models like the Nord N10 5G will only receive one major Android update that is a maximum of Android 11 (which has not yet received it despite OnePlus Nord has already done it) . These are the models recommended for receiving Android 12.

NextPit OnePlus 8T screen

The OnePlus 8T is also a clear Android 12 candidate! / © NextPit

Lenovo / Motorola

Motorola also has some issues with Android. It was once the figurehead for Android updates, but somewhere along the way, the Hero to Zero journey took place when Lenovo took over Motorola. Every model is not guaranteed to receive updates for 2 years, and Motorola smartphone owners have waited a long time for new software updates to arrive – if any. Still, there is a small glimmer of hope for the following models to get an impression of Android 12:


Realme announced two major updates to its flagship X and Pro series. Of course, the upcoming Realme GT will also receive the Android 12 update.


In April 2021, LG announced the closure of its smartphone division after 19. A few days after the announcement, LG announced its commitment to upgrade its existing smartphones to Android 12. The information was published on LG’s South Korean website

In addition to the list of updates for Android 12, we also had a confirmation of the models that will receive Android 11 by the end of 2021, as well as the models that will be updated to Android 13. The LG Phones That Have Been Confirmed Receipt The next version of Android is as follows:

LG Wing (Confirmed Receiving Android 13)
LG Velvet (Confirmed Receiving Android 13)
LG Velvet LTE (Confirmed Receiving Android 13)
LG V50
LG Q31
LG Q52
LG Q92

NextPit LG Wing screen

The LG Wing certainly has one of the more unusual smartphone designs. And yes, it will get Android 12 / © NextPit

HMD Global / Nokia

Nokia is also a candidate that delivers updates reliably, but isn’t the fastest on the market. The following models will most likely get Android 12 – hopefully not if Android 13 isn’t available!


The Japanese company joins the group of manufacturers who promise at least two important updates for its flagship smartphones. Officially, Sony has not yet confirmed an upcoming update, but we expect Android 12 on the following devices:


ASUS should release at least Android 12 for its current gaming smartphone and the ZenFone 7 (Pro). With the ROG Phone 5, this new gaming smartphone from the Taiwan-based company will break new ground upon its release and would of course be suitable for Android 12.

Is your smartphone on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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