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What’s new for Android developers at Google I / O.
At Google I / O, we’ve covered a few ways we can help, be it through Android 12 – one of the biggest design changes ever: Jetpack, Jetpack Compose, Android Studio, and Kotlin so you can build beautifully high-quality apps

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Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) Beta
The latest version of the official Android IDE focuses on design, devices, and developer productivity. It is now available for download in the beta channel.

Migration from LiveData to Kotlins Flow
In this article you will learn how to expose flows to a view, collect them and adapt them to specific requirements.

Exploring the material navigation track
The navigation bar is essentially a vertical navigation bar. The bar is used to display 3 to 5 navigation elements and enables users to switch between different higher-level areas of an app.

Exploring new haptic features in Android 12
A deep insight into the most important developments in haptics in Android 12

Libraries and useful resources
zach-klippenstein / compose-backstack
Easily assembled to render transitions between backstacks.
Videos / podcasts
What’s new in Android
In this keynote, Chet Haase, Dan Sandler and Romain Guy discuss the latest Android features and enhancements for developers.
What’s new in Android Development Tools
Get an overview of what’s new in Android Studio for Android App Developers, including demos and a presentation of relevant features that accelerate developer workflow with the latest Android APIs.
Class of the week
The rail is a side navigation component that displays three to seven app targets and, optionally, a floating action button. Each destination is represented by a symbol and a text label.
Beyond Android

Biometrics and mobile apps: reducing friction with a focus on security
The future of biometrics in the mobile paradigm is bright. But what does that mean for users?

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