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The beta program for Android 12 is now live, and like in previous years, Google is making the build available on third-party phones. Last year’s Android 11 beta program made its way to 12 third-party phones from six manufacturers, and this time around we have 11 manufacturers offering beta builds on their phones.

These third party phones are getting the Android 12 beta:

Read on to learn more about how each manufacturer is rolling out the Android 12 beta and when you can use it on your own device. I’ve summarized the latest features in the handy beta article for Android 12. So go there first for a taste of what Google has in store for this version of Android.

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Android 12: Samsung

As usual, Samsung is not participating in the Android beta program. So, if you’re on a Galaxy phone and want to try Android 12, your best bet is to wait for the beta version of One UI, which is expected to be available by the end of the year. That was the case with One UI 3.0 last year, and Samsung is likely to follow suit this time around, too.

Android 12: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has many devices that are supposed to get the beta build for Android 12. The flagship Mi 11 Ultra is complemented by the regular Mi 11, the China-exclusive Mi 11 Pro and the Mi 11i, which is sold in India as the Mi 11X Pro and in China as the Redmi K40 Pro.

The beta build for Android 12 is now available for these devices. As in previous years, the update itself does not contain a MIUI. This is the vanilla Android 12 build only. So, if you are using any of the Xiaomi phones mentioned above and you want to try pure Android, you should install the beta. The build itself had issues at startup but can now be installed if you are using a Mi 11 series device.

Devices will get a stable update to an Android 12-based version of MIUI later in the year, but in the meantime, it’s fun to use Vanilla Android on Xiaomi hardware.

Android 12: OnePlus 9

OnePlus launches the beta version of Android 12, which is based on its latest flagship, OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. These are the best Android phones that you can buy today. While the beta was available on the OnePlus forums for a few hours on May 18, OnePlus pulled the update after hundreds of users struggled with downloading the beta build.

Right now we’re waiting for the build to go live. OnePlus sells the 9R in India and China, but that device is missing from the list. Here are some of the changes made to the Android 12 beta build:

Android 12 introduces a number of new and improved system changes to applications, including privacy, security, and performance updates. Users can try out all of the new application features, such as: Including rich content insertion, enhancements to native image decoding, transcoding compatible media, and much more.

Android 12: OPPO

OPPO is the first company to take a look at the upcoming ColorOS 12 user interface. The user interface is based on Android 12 and offers all the new features that Google introduced – just not in the first few builds.

OPPO is offering the beta for Android 12 on the Find X3 Pro. If you’re using the device, you can download the first beta now. OPPO states that the build is buggy and not yet stable enough for everyday use. If the Find X3 Pro is your daily driver, then you should wait a while before you can install it on your phone.

From OPPO:

This year, Android 12 will focus on the system’s user interface, as well as security and privacy, which will also be the main principles for ColorOS. To help consumers express themselves better, OPPO is working on making ColorOS more intuitive and creating a system that allows users more personalization, especially when it comes to user interface and UX. The company is also working to provide users with greater control and transparency over data security and privacy.

Major updates to the user experience side include better compatibility with multimedia formats and support for more content pasting. The system has also been improved in terms of user interface details, with new toolbars and updated operating modes. There’s good news for gamers too. In Android 12, apps can provide audio-coupled haptic feedback via the phone’s vibrations.

Android 12: Vivo

Vivo joined the Android beta program last year, and this time the manufacturer is rolling out the build on a single device: the iQOO 7 Legend. The phone is the cheapest device with the Snapdragon 888 chipset and is slowly gaining momentum in India (review coming soon).

It’s interesting that Vivo doesn’t have any devices in its own portfolio as part of the Android 12 beta program, but at least the brand will be equipped with a phone that is widely used outside of China – the availability of the Nex 3S was very limited last year .

If you’ve got the iQOO 7 legend and want to try the Android 12 beta, sign up for the build now.

Android 12: Realme

Like last year, Realme has a single phone in its beta program. The Realme GT will get the beta build for Android 12 starting May 19th, but with the device only being sold in China, it’s unlikely to see many buyers.

Android 12: ASUS

ASUS joins the Android 12 beta initiative this year. The build for the ZenFone 8. The phone is fascinating as it is one of the few compact devices on Android right now and the beta version for Android 12 will be available which makes things so much more interesting. If you’re using a ZenFone 8, you can now sign up for the Android 12 beta.

Android 12: TCL

TCL has a device suitable for the Android 12 beta, the 20 Pro 5G. The phone was released back in April and is powered by a Snapdragon 750G. It is available in select global markets. If you want to try the beta, you can download the build from the TCL website. Here are the known issues with Android 12 which is based on TCL 20 Pro 5G:

Android 12: ZTE

ZTE is also a new addition to the Android beta initiative. The brand’s newest flagship – the Axon 30 Ultra – can now download the beta build. Please visit the ZTE website for more information on installing the build on your phone.

Android 12: Sharp

If you’re using the Sharp AQUOS Sense 5G and want to get into the Android 12 beta, you can do so now. As with other builds, the first beta package for Android 12 has a lot of issues. So if you are using the phone as a daily driver, you might want to wait for the first few problems to be resolved.

Android 12: Tecno

Tecno is a relatively new player so it’s great to see the brand in this program. The Camon 17 is part of the beta program. You can install the latest version of Android on the device by clicking this link.

Android 12: Nokia

HMD Global joins the beta program for Android with Android 12. The Nokia X20 should get the beta build. Unlike most of the other devices on this list, however, the X20 won’t get into beta this week. HMD notes that the Android 12 beta will be available for the device “later this year,” and while that limits the excitement a bit, it’s nice to see the brand join the beta initiative:

Thanks to our close partnership with Google, we are very pleased to announce that we will soon be able to offer access to the first beta version of Android TM 12.

We can’t wait to get feedback from our community of dedicated Nokia fans so that we can address their needs and continue to offer our customers even more value with the smartphones they love.

There is much more to come

We are currently getting a first look at all the functional enhancements in Android 12 and will see in the coming weeks and months in which direction brands are going with their own interfaces. In the meantime, I’ll be installing the Android 12 beta on as many devices as I can get my hands on. So stay tuned for more coverage in the days and weeks to come.

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