All iPhone 13 5G models should have improved stabilization feature only found on the 12 Pro Max
All iPhone 13 5G models should have improved stabilization feature only found on the 12 Pro Max

Digitimes released a report yesterday predicting higher shipments for iPhone voice coil motors (VCM) by the end of next month. In July, VCM for iOS shipments will exceed shipments for Android devices, according to industry figures. The VCM is used to assist a camera in focusing. It consists of a magnet, a yoke and a coil, the latter being the only moving component that enables “high speed movement and precise positioning”.
VCM manufacturers expect shipments to be higher than through November It is expected that Apple will integrate sensor shift OIS (optical image stabilization) in all four models of the iPhone 13 series in 2021. This feature is currently only available on the iPhone 12 Pro max.With Sensor-Shift-OIS, the camera sensor moves to adjust shaky hands instead of the lens. VCM makers have been told to increase production by 30% to 40%, with strong demand for the iPhone 13 series expected.
Quoting its sources, Digitimes says that two Japanese VCM suppliers, Mitsumi and Alps, are the main source of VCMs for iPhone cameras. Mitsumi sends orders to a Taiwanese contract manufacturer like Audix and Chinese companies like Zhonglan Electronic Technology, JCT Electronics and GYZ Electronic Technology. The Alps are responsible for their own production.

The demand for VCMs will grow three to four fold as Apple adds sensor shift OIS to all iPhone models. Additionally, We expect the 2021 iPhone devices to have a 120Hz ProMotion display that updates the screen 120 times per second for buttery smooth scrolling and improved animations. All four handsets are powered by the A15 Bionic chipset, which TSMC can manufacture with its improved 5 nm process.
The 2021 iPhone models could offer users a storage option of up to 1TB, new color options and, as indicated by the use of sensor-shift OIS for all four models, upgrades for the handset cameras. We may also see a smaller notch and bigger batteries. However, we won’t know exactly what to expect until Apple launches the new models in September this year.


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