AirTag was apparently ready to go out the door in 2019, but Apple has been delaying it until now


Apple last month announced the AirTag tracker and its packaging indicates it should come out much earlier, but its release has been delayed for more than a year. Daniel from the YouTube channel ZONEofTECH has uploaded pictures showing that the year 2020 is mentioned in the AirTag box and the year 2019 is mentioned in the leather keyring.

The tracking device is said to have been developed for the first time in April 2019 and MacRumors has discovered Documents suggesting the Federal Communications Commission tested it between July and November 2019. This means that the product was ready for use by the end of 2019 and could be announced alongside that iPhone 11, but Apple sat on it the whole time. There are some theories as to why AirTag’s launch was delayed.

It could be that at a time when most iPhones didn’t have the U1 chip, which uses ultra-broadband technology (UWB) to find other U1-equipped devices like AirTag, Apple made no point in having a tracker bring out. That changed with the arrival of the iPhone 12, as it offers UWB technology together with iPhone 11.

Another possibility is that Apple did not seek further antitrust reviews in 2020. Devices within Apple’s Find My network can help track down a lost AirTag, and the Cupertino giant opened that up Network to third-party companies a few days before the Bluetooth tracker is released. An earlier start could have sparked criticism of anti-competitive behavior.

The AirTag is priced at $ 29 per pop and also comes in a 4-pack for $ 99. Is that now Shipping to customers.

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